Mouse Guard

Session 3: Fightin' & Feudin'

With Algomin unavailable to apply the scent board North of Frostic. Lieam catches up with the team and assists Sadie and Saxon in the mission while Laurel and Kenzie help the townsmice with repairs.

Saxon and Lieam collect the materials needed while Sadie plugs the tunnel Algomin had used. While collecting milkweed Lieam unearths a brass plate with mysterious writing that is later discovered to be Rattish.

En route to the scent border the three mice find two feuding brothers each charging a toll on the two ends of a bridge. The Gaurd, eager to secure the border, pass trough without incident and even get one brother to stop charging a toll, but vow to come back and settle the brothers’ dispute.

The scent border is applied with only minor difficulty; a crow spies the brass plate in Liams sack and pins him down to steal it. Sadie chases the bird off with a aimed sling shot to the beak. Later, they find a long dead body and bury it.

On the way back to Frostic, the team finds a farm that burnt down over winter. The location occupants, Thom and Josephine, are unknown. In town, they find noone has heard from the couple, but it is guessed that they might have sought refuge in Windselm, a small, remote commune in the Wild Country run by an old mouse named Aegus.

Session 2: Whispers in the Dark

A messanger arrives in Port Sumac bringing news of multiple mice gone missing in Frostic. Kenzie, Sadie, Saxon, and Laurel go to investigate, leaving Lieam to finish the paperwork on all the arrested mice. They take Captain Finch’s boat, The Sandy Anna.

Upon reaching the walled community they have to talk their way past a wary Guard Mouse named Dalla. She eventually entroduces them to Kole, the captain of the village. Most of the mice in the community are grouped in the school house to protected each other from further disaster, however there a half dozen mice who have stubbornly stayed in their own homes:
Jasper & Lilly, the innkeeprers,
Nolan & Neolan, twin farmers,
Algomin & Vidar, the archivist/scientist and his assistant,
Folker, the obnoxious smithy,
& “snoring” Serra, the miller.

The team successfully talks Jasper & Lilly to take refuge in the school house, but that night Neolan dissappears after a violent struggle. The following night, the inn catches fire and Kole is missing.

After stopping hte flames, the team discover it was a chemical fire and Algomin was to blame. Following a tunnel discovered under the old mouse’s bed the Guard track him into an underground chamber under an old locust tree. There they discover he has been the pawn of a weasel named Voza. Algomin, not seeing the weasel but only hearing her voice, had thought it divine and was sacrificing mice to The Voice.

The Guard Mice best the weasel, but she and Algomin escape in the darkness, Voza vows to prey on other cities.

The Guard find Kole still alive, but badly wounded. He is the only survivor of Voza. The mice then return to town to clean up the aftermath.

Session 1: The Pirates Of Port Sumac

The Mourse Guard team of Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, and Saxon begin their year, leaving Lockhaven and travel to Port Sumac by way of Darkwater. On the way, they come to a washout. [A player] falls in while attempting to cross, but is saved by the rest of the crew. They also assist two arguing merchants with an over turned cart in a tunnel, and escort one of the merchants to Darkwater.

At Darkwater, the group joins up with Laurel, a lady mouse and boat captain. Together they travel to Port Sumac. On their way, the team saves a fishermouse from a crab and fends off feeding trout. The arrive in Port Sumac with the boat, a boot, nearly sunk. In town they discover details about the marauding weasel pirates and speak to the ship captains that make the port their home, Captain Archibald Fitch, Captain Benito, and Cap’n Eddard .

After a battle with a sea serpent in the morning, the team, with the help of Cap’n Eddard, seek out the weasel pirates in a northern bay. They discover Captain Archibald Fitch is in league with the pirates and is docked in the bay. The team splits in two: some quietly swim to the weasel’s ship to sink it from within, the others bring Cap’n Eddard’s boat along side Finch’s to draw swords and do battle. The confict ends with the weasels slaughtered and the turncoat mice arresred.


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