Mouse Guard

Session 1: The Pirates Of Port Sumac

The Mourse Guard team of Kenzie, Lieam, Sadie, and Saxon begin their year, leaving Lockhaven and travel to Port Sumac by way of Darkwater. On the way, they come to a washout. [A player] falls in while attempting to cross, but is saved by the rest of the crew. They also assist two arguing merchants with an over turned cart in a tunnel, and escort one of the merchants to Darkwater.

At Darkwater, the group joins up with Laurel, a lady mouse and boat captain. Together they travel to Port Sumac. On their way, the team saves a fishermouse from a crab and fends off feeding trout. The arrive in Port Sumac with the boat, a boot, nearly sunk. In town they discover details about the marauding weasel pirates and speak to the ship captains that make the port their home, Captain Archibald Fitch, Captain Benito, and Cap’n Eddard .

After a battle with a sea serpent in the morning, the team, with the help of Cap’n Eddard, seek out the weasel pirates in a northern bay. They discover Captain Archibald Fitch is in league with the pirates and is docked in the bay. The team splits in two: some quietly swim to the weasel’s ship to sink it from within, the others bring Cap’n Eddard’s boat along side Finch’s to draw swords and do battle. The confict ends with the weasels slaughtered and the turncoat mice arresred.



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